BTEC Tech Award DIT Resources

Brand new editable presentations & worksheets for the BTEC Tech Award in Digital IT are now available on KnowItAll Ninja.

The new BTEC Tech Award DIT resources available on are a fantastic new tool for delivering the first two components of this new course:

This brand new specification offers an exciting and interesting course for students to study, but I know as much as anyone how long it takes to build your resources for any new course.

But these BTEC Tech Award DIT resources include editable presentations and worksheets covering every single topic in these two unit specifications. This means you can concentrate on your teaching and not on spending hours and hours building these resources yourself.

All worksheets even come with sample answers to help you assess the students work or even to provide the opportunity for students to peer mark each others work. It can make for some great classroom discussion opportunities too.

If you’d like a preview of what you can expect to receive you can download a free sample of both components below:

Purchasing BTEC Tech Award DIT Resources

You don’t need to wait to purchase these resources, as they’re available for you right now, at a fantastic price.

BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 and 2

Right now you can purchase each unit’s resources for just £35, or both sets of resources for a combined cost of £60. However, this pricing won’t last forever though and will increase after the initial few months of release. So buy them now and you’ll save your school money.

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Check out the free samples listed above and have a look at the product pages for these two resources and I’m sure you’ll see what a fantastic deal this is.

As always, you won’t find resources of the same quality for anywhere near this price. I’m a teacher like you, just trying to make a difference in supporting Computing & IT teachers.

Future Digital Information Technology Resources

I am far from done with the BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Digital Information Technology, with more resources in development.

I know everyone is getting prepared for delivering Component 3 Effective Digital Working Practices for first examination in 2020.

As such, a e-learning revision course is in development and should be available in the coming months. As always this will include:

  • Clear, well-presented lessons covering every topic of the specification.
  • Summary presentations of every lesson’s content.
  • Automatically assessed quizzes for every lesson to check on students progress.
  • Gamified principles, such as gaining points, levelling & leaderboards which have shown to raise student engagement.
  • The ability to track students progress and quiz results to ensure they’re keeping up with their studies.

If you haven’t used any of our e-learning revision courses before, we have them for covering several BTEC units. This includes BTEC Level 3 Computing & IT, as well as BTEC Level 2 Information & Creative Technology.

Check out the free preview of some of these courses. For example, Unit 1 Principles of Computer Science, for the BTEC Level 3 Computing specification.

There are over 10,000 users of so you know these resources are much loved and well worth subscribing to. You can give access to your students for, on average, around £2 per student for the years access. You really can’t go wrong!

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Free Unit 8 & Unit 14 Computer Games Development Resources

New presentations and worksheets for learning aim A of Unit 8 / Unit 14 Computer Games Development are now available right here.

Computer Games Development is a popular unit for both the BTEC Level 3 IT and BTEC Level 3 Computing specifications. However, there aren’t too many resources available for its delivery. Particularly the early theory in learning aim A.

Well, I’ve put together 7 presentations and worksheets to help with your classroom delivery of LA-A. The presentations will be a great tool for front of class delivery. The worksheets will be great for either in class activities or as homework.

Thankfully Unit 8 of the BTEC Level 3 IT specification and Unit 14 of the BTEC Level 3 Computing specification are identical. This means these will help you regardless which of these two courses you are running.

Also, while you’re here if you haven’t checked out KnowItAll Ninja’s e-learning revision courses yet, why not have a look at them now. These cover Unit 1, 2 & 11 of the BTEC Level 3 IT specification and have also recently added Unit 1 Principles of Computer Science.

Signing up your students to these revision courses are really affordable for all schools with a scaling pay system so it’s well worth your time. Teachers love them:

The website is amazing! My students love the wording of the resources. Thank-you.
– Adam Ricketts – The Wellington Academy

The courses cover every topic in the unit specification and have quizzes for every single lesson. You can monitor your students progress in the student tracker and students gain points and achievements as they succeed in the quizzes to inspire their progress.

Download BTEC Computer Games Development Resources

If you want to download these free resources you can do so by clicking on the download button below. These are free for you to use and share with your students by uploading them to your schools VLE.

The documents are completely editable so you can customise them to your heart’s delight. However please, if you share them with teachers at other schools, do share the versions with the KnowItAll Ninja branding and let them know about this site.

Download Now

If you like these resources and want some more, don’t worry there are plenty more on the way, both for the Computer Games Development unit and many others. There’s a new classroom resources section of the site in development which will have free and low-cost resources for your classroom. Keep an eye out for it.

Get Revising For Your BTEC Level 3 Course Now!

If you aren’t currently subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja, then why don’t you subscribe your students right now?

KnowItAll Ninja was written by an author for the official BTEC National Information Technology revision guide and workbook.

I’ve also written for the BTEC Level 2 I&CT textbooks and teaching resources and many other official BTEC IT publications. This means you can trust that KnowItAll Ninja’s content is of the highest quality.

If I’ve grabbed your interest over subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja’s e-learning revision resources, remember, we cover all of these units:

BTEC Level 3 Computing

BTEC Level 3 Information Technology

BTEC Level 2 Information & Creative Technology

You can subscribe 10 students for as little as £25 and get access to every single course on the site. Need more than 10 students? The per student cost gets lower and lower the more you subscribe.

You’ll be able to track their progress throughout their revision by viewing their quiz results and the leaderboard & achievements really helps inspire the students to revise regularly.

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Free Cyber Security & Incident Management Resources

We all know there has been a lack of official Cyber Security & Incident Management resources provided by the exam board. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a wealth of great resources out there though.

Cyber Security and Incident ManagementObviously, KnowItAll Ninja‘s dedicated Unit 11 Cyber Security & Incident Management course is a fantastic tool in maximising your student’s success. It covers every topic in the BTEC Level 3 Information Technology specification for Unit 11 with clear explanations, presentations & quizzes.

However, there are many other free resources out there that can help to supplement along with your excellent teaching. I’ve gone through a huge number of these and identified some of my absolute favourite free cyber security resources.

Pearson Unit 11 Learner Workbook

If you’ve missed it, while there hasn’t been a paid revision study guide or workbook from Pearson, there is a free learner workbook downloadable from the BTEC website.

You can download this by visiting the BTEC 2016 Information Technology page on the website, or clicking this link which will take you directly to the page to download the workbook. You should see the top link is the BTEC National in Information Technology: Learner Workbook (Unit 11).

While it is a huge shame that we haven’t seen official published materials, such as a student book or revision guide, this is a fantastic resource none-the-less, and completely free. There’s also a similar learner workbook for Unit 14 IT Service Delivery.

Crash Course Computer Science

One of my absolute favourite video series for teaching is the Crash Course Computer Science series on YouTube. These videos are interesting, informative, and a good length for in classroom use.

While not Cyber Security & Incident Management specific, there are a number of videos that cover related topics, including:

Check out the video on cyber security here:


If you’re looking for a website to study a wide range of Cyber security topics to a high standard, then there is no better place than Cybrary.

For completely free (though you do need to register with the site) you can study beginner, intermediate & advance cybersecurity topics. They even have many courses that will teach you the content of many professional qualifications in related areas, like Comptia Network+ and Comptia Security+.

These video courses are quite long and are not the best tool for in-class use, but if you’re looking for assigning extra study for outside of class then this could be very useful.

Some great courses include:

Those are just a few examples though, there are hundreds of relevant courses on the site. It’s a great choice not just for students but for a teachers own personal development.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Much like Cybrary, the Microsoft Virtual Academy offers a wide range of courses that often cover professional qualifications (in this case Microsoft ones like the MTA). However, Microsoft Virtual Academy covers more than just cybersecurity.

These courses are also free, though if you want to track your progress you’ll need an email account (which is free to sign up for).

These are also generally not too much of an in-class tool but are great for outside of class teaching. Some of the best videos include:

Again, there are many more courses that can go into quite advanced topics and are great for either extra study or for teacher personal development.

The website is one that you may well be aware of already as they are “the UK’s largest provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics”. Their resources section is a fantastic tool for teachers and you can find a lot of cyber security specific teaching resources on the site.

For example:

The site does take a little digging through to find the best materials, but with a little effort, you’re sure to find some great resources to help your students in their Unit 11 Cyber Security & Incident Management external assessment.

Cyber Security Challenge UK

Cyber Security Challenge UK - Cyber City GameThis website, which is actually linked to in the Cyber Security & Engineered Solutions link above, provides educational games to learn about Cyber Security. These are absolutely fantastic tools for learning a range of threats and prevention mechanisms in a fun and easily digestible way.

You can access them on the website. I highly recommend them.

We all know the benefit of using games in and outside of the classroom for learning, and these have been created by people with good understanding of Cyber Security issues. Cyber City is a good starting point, but other games cover specific topics in more detail.

Other Links

The suggestions on this page are just a few useful resources for delivering Unit 11 Cyber Security & Incident Management for the BTEC Level 3 IT qualification. There are many more, both free and paid that you can find.

So, with KnowItAll Ninjas Cyber Security & Incident Management course, and a few of these resources, I am sure you’ll have a wealth of tools available to make sure your students succeed. If you have anymore you use that you’d like to share, please contact me and I’ll update this post.

Unit 1 Information Technology Systems Worksheets

I’ve added 41 Unit 1 Information Technology Systems worksheets to KnowItAll Ninja to help your students with their BTEC Level 3 IT studies.

Covering every topic in the specification, these worksheets are a great way for students to test their understanding of the topics and identify areas of weakness. They’ll help to really reinforce what they’ve learnt too.

These worksheets have a variety of activities, from short answers, completing tables, true/false and diagram drawing or annotating. They also include sample answers for every worksheet to make assessing student work a doddle.

Below you can see the full content of these unit 1 information technology systems worksheets that you will receive.

BTEC Level 3 IT Unit 1 Contents

You can download a sample of these worksheets right here, by clicking on the image below:

Unit 1 Information Technology Systems Worksheets

These worksheets will provide a great base for yourself and your students assessing their understanding, which can really help in this last week of preparation for the BTEC Level 3 Information Technology exam.

You can read more about these unit 1 information technology systems worksheets and purchase all 41 with sample answers for a low cost by clicking the link below.

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Get Revising For Your BTEC Level 3 Course Now!

Don’t forget, KnowItAll Ninja also provides fantastic e-learning courses for a variety of BTEC Level 3 IT units, including Unit 1 Information Technology Systems.

KnowItAll Ninja was written by an author for the official BTEC National Information Technology revision guide and workbook for Unit 1 Information Technology Systems.

I’ve also written for the BTEC Level 2 I&CT textbooks and teaching resources as well as many other official BTEC IT publications. This means you can trust that KnowItAll Ninja’s content is of the highest quality.

The Unit 1 Information Technology Systems course includes text explanations, videos, presentations and quizzes covering the entire unit’s specification content.

Subscribing is very affordable for schools. There is a flexible pricing structure that starts from as little as £30 for 10 students with discounts for larger numbers.

So if you want the best opportunity to succeed in your Unit 1 Information Technology Systems revision then you should be using

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