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Brand new editable presentations & worksheets for the BTEC Tech Award in Digital IT are now available on KnowItAll Ninja.

The new BTEC Tech Award DIT resources available on are a fantastic new tool for delivering the first two components of this new course:

This brand new specification offers an exciting and interesting course for students to study, but I know as much as anyone how long it takes to build your resources for any new course.

But these BTEC Tech Award DIT resources include editable presentations and worksheets covering every single topic in these two unit specifications. This means you can concentrate on your teaching and not on spending hours and hours building these resources yourself.

All worksheets even come with sample answers to help you assess the students work or even to provide the opportunity for students to peer mark each others work. It can make for some great classroom discussion opportunities too.

If you’d like a preview of what you can expect to receive you can download a free sample of both components below:

[mpdl-file-link file_id=977615][mpdl-file-link file_id=977617]

Purchasing BTEC Tech Award DIT Resources

You don’t need to wait to purchase these resources, as they’re available for you right now, at a fantastic price.

Right now you can purchase each unit’s resources for just £35, or both sets of resources for a combined cost of £60. However, this pricing won’t last forever though and will increase after the initial few months of release. So buy them now and you’ll save your school money.

Buy Now

Check out the free samples listed above and have a look at the product pages for these two resources and I’m sure you’ll see what a fantastic deal this is.

As always, you won’t find resources of the same quality for anywhere near this price. I’m a teacher like you, just trying to make a difference in supporting Computing & IT teachers.

Future Digital Information Technology Resources

I am far from done with the BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Digital Information Technology, with more resources in development.

I know everyone is getting prepared for delivering Component 3 Effective Digital Working Practices for first examination in 2020.

As such, a e-learning revision course is in development and should be available in the coming months. As always this will include:

  • Clear, well-presented lessons covering every topic of the specification.
  • Summary presentations of every lesson’s content.
  • Automatically assessed quizzes for every lesson to check on students progress.
  • Gamified principles, such as gaining points, levelling & leaderboards which have shown to raise student engagement.
  • The ability to track students progress and quiz results to ensure they’re keeping up with their studies.

If you haven’t used any of our e-learning revision courses before, we have them for covering several BTEC units. This includes BTEC Level 3 Computing & IT, as well as BTEC Level 2 Information & Creative Technology.

Check out the free preview of some of these courses. For example, Unit 1 Principles of Computer Science, for the BTEC Level 3 Computing specification.

There are over 10,000 users of so you know these resources are much loved and well worth subscribing to. You can give access to your students for, on average, around £2 per student for the years access. You really can’t go wrong!



Access our e-learning revision courses for as little as £1.50 per student.

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