About KnowItAll Ninja

KnowItAll Ninja is a gamified e-learning website dedicated to supporting students in their Level 3 BTEC IT & Computing and  Level 2 BTEC ICT revision.

The goal of KnowItAllNinja.com is to provide a high-quality gamified elearning experience for students studying a BTEC Level 3 Computing & IT or BTEC Tech Award DIT & BTEC Level 2 ICT.

We have particularly targeted the core externally assessed BTEC IT Level 3, BTEC Computing Level 3 and BTEC ICT Level 2 units, including:

However, new courses covering additional BTEC courses at Level 2 & Level 3 will be added regularly as the site grows.

Each course provides an interactive multi-media experience using text, images, video and quizzes. At KnowItAllNinja.com we believe that the gamified learning experience of e-learning websites is one that can better support learner’s studies and BTEC ICT revision, than the rigid, static textbooks that we have been relying on for so long and progressed from so little.

Our website provides an interactive multi-media experience using text, images, video and quizzes. allows students to progress at their own speed and to assess their own progress so that you can better develop your understanding of the the subject and easily track your progress along the course.

You are also rewarded with achievements as you progress to help encourage you to continue your progress. We’ve additionally now added a new student tracking system to allow teachers to monitor their students progress on the courses.

These gamified learning techniques are proven to improve student engagement in their learning and to drive forward student success.

In addition, we offer an increasing number of editable classroom BTEC resources. Recently adding presentations and worksheets for the BTEC Tech Award DIT, in these units:

Who is the KnowItAll Ninja?

The man behind KnowItAll Ninja is myself, Daniel Richardson.

I have been teaching for a decade on a variety of Computing & ICT courses including GCSE, A-level, BTEC & Foundation Degree and have also been the Head of Computing, ICT & Engineering for a large sixth-form college for the past five years.

In addition to my teaching experience, I have also written for the official BTEC First ICT and National IT course books & teaching resources both on the First & National courses. I have also contributed to private authoring work for Pearson that is related to the BTEC and have contributed towards the BTEC specifications.

Most recently I worked on the official BTEC ICT revision guide & workbook for the BTEC Level 3 IT qualification on the Unit 1 Information Technology Systems unit. I have also written for the official student book for the BTEC Level 2 ICT qualification and am currently working on a unit for the official student book for the new BTEC Tech Award.

I am also personally an avid user of e-learning courses as part of my own professional development and have made use of many e-learning sites myself like Codecademy, Treehouse and Udemy.

This experience puts me in a unique position where I have the skills and experience to be able to develop high quality gamified e-learning resources for Computing and ICT qualifications like the BTEC First Information and Creative Technology, BTEC National Information Technology and BTEC National Computing. Something that I feel has been sorely needed as education starts to catch up with the 21st century.

What KnowItAll Ninja Can Do For You

The gamified elearning principles used by KnowItAllNinja.com have shown to improve student engagement by numerous studies. A survey held by TalentLMS found that 80% of learners felt they would be more productive if their learning was more game-like. The same survey 89% of learners felt that a point system would increase their engagement in an e-learning application.

This is not insignificant, and students are using e-learning for revising more and more often. 1.2 million teenagers are logging into revision websites every week and those who use these sites have shown to achieve higher than those who do not.

KnowItAll Ninja brings these gamified elearning techniques to your BTEC IT Level 3, BTEC Computing Level 3 and BTEC ICT Level 2 revision to help support student studies and help them to achieve their fullest potential, all for an extremely low subscription fee.