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finalist in the BETT Awards 2024

KnowItAll Ninja was a finalist in the Secondary Digital Learning Product for the BETT Awards 2024, showing the high-quality educational support you receive from our gamified homework & revision platform.

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This app is amazing! I feel like I can learn so much more and compete with my friends to get more points!



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Why Schools Choose Us

KnowItAll Ninja was developed by an experienced teacher who has written for several official course textbooks & resources.

Automated Quizzing

Automated, self-grading quizzes allowing students to check their own understanding and reward their efforts.

Progress Tracking

Real-time data allow teachers to track student progress and see where support is needed most.

Gamified E-Learning

Students complete achievements to gain XP and level up. They can even compare progress with peers on their leaderboard.

Flip Your Classroom

With students learning content outside the classroom, you’re free to develop deeper knowledge in the classroom.


Trusted by Thousands of Students and Teachers

Melissa Parker

Broadway Academy

I just wanted to thank you for the resources you have created. They are excellent quality and have saved me so much time which I am sure you can appreciate is very precious.

Philip Golding

Bexhill 6th Form College

Congratulations on an excellent and valuable resource. As an ICT/Computing teacher for both level 3 and level 2 courses, this website has delivered exactly what is needed (and is desperately missing) from the exam board.



This learning platform is great because you can get high grades. I just recently did my Unit 1 for IT and I came out with a distinction.



Remarkable revision material! Very vivid which makes it very easy to remember and is my favourite method of revision.

Sabeena Kauser

Joseph Leckie Academy

KnowItAll Ninja has engaged all of our learners at KS4 and at KS5 and they have got into the content with ease. Thank you for making this so easy for them. WE LOVE KnowItAll Ninja.

Dave Fountain

Astor College

Students love the instant feedback and the quizzes are the launchpad for many an in-depth discussion of the topics – great coverage of the syllabus too!



I would just like to say how much of a helpful tool KnowItAll Ninja has been to me and my class. We have completed the entire syllabus and it has helped us to achieve our target grades.

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