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  • Track your progress, score points, level up, achieve awards in this gamified e-learning experience.
  • Lessons containing text, images, video & audio are supported by interactive quizzes.
  • Written by an author of the official BTEC National & First ICT books & teaching resources.

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning concepts are fully integrated into KnowItAll Ninja to help inspire students to succeed. Gain experience, level up and complete achievements to gain badges.

Progress Tracking

Every lesson has an interactive quiz to check your understanding and track your progress. Add friends to compare progress and share your success on social media.

Quality Resources

KnowItAll Ninja's tutorials are developed by an experienced IT teacher who has also written for the official BTEC First & BTEC National course text books & resources by Pearson.

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The Best BTEC Level 3 IT & Level 2 ICT Resources

If you’re looking to prepare your students for the Unit 1 Information Technology Systems exam for the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 IT qualification, or the Unit 2 Creating Systems to Manage Information & Unit 11 Cyber Security and Incident Management controlled assessment, then KnowItAll Ninja is the website for you. We also have courses for Unit 1 The Online World and Unit 2 Technology Systems onscreen tests for the Edexcel BTEC ICT level 2 qualification.

We’ve put together the ultimate e-learning resource for preparing for Information Technology Systems exam, the Creating Systems to Manage Information and Cyber Security and Incident Management controlled assessments, as well as The Online World and Technology Systems tests, using gamified e-learning principles, including progress tracking, gaining experience, leveling up, achieving awards and comparing progress with classmates on your personalised leaderboard.

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