The Best BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Resources

The best BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Resources

As a teacher, navigating the BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise curriculum can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is especially true when you’re searching for the right teaching resources to deliver engaging and effective lessons.

To help you save time and ensure your students receive the best education possible, we’ve compiled a list of the best BTEC Tech Award Enterprise teaching resources available. These resources will not only enhance your students’ learning experience but also help you tackle the course content with ease.

1. KnowItAll Ninja

What better place to start than ourselves, Here we offer something different to all the other options out there. Our gamified e-learning study courses.

Covering all three components of the BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise, these courses provide detailed explanations of every topic, along with summary presentations and interactive quizzes for every topic. This allows students to study in their own time and teachers can track their progress and gain useful analytics on their strengths & weaknesses. A great tool for flipped learning, in-class learning or as review homework, at a low price, starting at £2.75 + VAT per student.

In addition, provides presentations & worksheets for all three components of the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise. These resources are highly detailed, with plenty of built-in activities, all with suggested answers. This offers total coverage of the specification for in-class teaching. If your school has a membership for the e-learning course you also qualify for a 25% discount to the in-class teaching resources, making them one of the more affordable premium resource sets out there.

2. Pearson’s Official Teaching Resources

The BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise is developed by Pearson, so it’s only natural that they provide a comprehensive set of teaching resources. Pearson’s online resources include PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and various assessment materials.

The official teaching pack is an affordable resource at £145 for all three components (though this is for only one years access). It does provide presentations for every subject, along with activity sheets & video activities, which gives a variety of materials. However, it’s worth noting that the presentations are very brief, typically around 5 slides each, and so will require adaptation to turn into a full lesson.

Pearson do also sell the official course text book of course, along with the revision guide & practice assessments for component 3 which will be of use to your students when it comes to revision.

3. PGOnline

PGOnline are well known for their premium teaching resources, and their BTEC Tech Award Enterprise resources do live up to their reputation. Covering all three components, these resources provide schemes of work, lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, homeworks and unit assessments.

The PGOnline resources are extremely detailed with excellent coverage across the specification. In some respects one of the disadvantages is that the resources are so in-depth you could never cover all the provided content in the time you’re given in class and will need to pick and choose, potentially cutting back on some of the slides. The largest downside is the price, which costs £630+VAT for all three components.

However, despite the price, this is an excellent resource if your budget can extend that far.

4. Time2Resources

Time2Resources are specialists in Business & Economics teaching resources. They sell a variety of resources covering all three components of the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise qualification. This includes presentations, note takers & activity worksheets.

The resource packs of Component 1 & 2 provide good coverage, with the worksheets providing a range of activities, the presentations giving clear explanations and they are easy-to-use and ready to go out the box. At the price of £90+VAT per component for the Component 1 & 2 resources, this is an affordably priced resource for what you receive too.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that as of right now they do not offer any resources for the new version of the Component 3 specification. Though this will presumably be released for teaching in the 2023-24 teaching year.

Which Are the Best BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Resources?

So, which of these resources do you choose? Well, that depends on your budget and what you’re looking for.

Personally, I tend not to recommend the official Pearson resources. The presentations are always brief and they seem to be more of a supplement to the books than a full independent resource to themselves.

PGOnline are excellent if you have the budget for it, but also bare in mind you will probably want to adapt them so they work within the time you have available. A lot of the content you’re paying for will remain unused.

Time2Resources are affordable and offer great coverage. Though remember that they do not have Component 3 available right now.

I of course would recommend to you. Our e-learning courses offer something completely different to you that will make a huge difference to your classroom. The time saved by flipping your class is significant and provides lots of time for building deeper understanding.

The ability for student to access the resource in their own time is also really beneficial to the new fixed assessment windows so students can go over their learning between lessons during this window.

Additionally the in-class teaching resources will work in tandem with the e-learning courses for complete 360 degree teaching and, if you have a membership, are cheaper than both PGOnline and Time2Resources.

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