Animated Explainer Videos for OCR Creative iMedia

Hello Media enthusiasts! We have an exciting announcement that will revamp your learning journey in the OCR Creative iMedia course.

As part of our commitment to transforming educational experiences through innovative e-learning, we have launched a series of new animated explainer videos on YouTube.

These videos have been meticulously crafted to cover all the key topics in Topic Area 1: The Media Industry from Unit R093: Creative iMedia in the Media Industry on the OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia specification.

By blending engaging visuals with clear, concise explanations, these videos offer a fresh approach to learning that’s both educational and entertaining.

Check out the first of these videos below.

Breathe Life into Your Learning with Animated Explainer Videos

Our latest series of animated explainer videos will make you see OCR Creative iMedia from a whole new perspective. Not only do they serve as an enriching learning resource, but they also breathe life into the intricate topics of The Media Industry. These videos can complement your revision, act as a learning recap, or even serve as an introductory overview.

Complimenting our Innovative e-Learning Course

But wait, there’s more! These animated explainer videos are a part of our comprehensive R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry e-learning course. This course is designed with an interactive, gamified approach to learning, enhancing the student engagement and creating a stimulating learning environment.

For, on average less than £2.00 per student, schools can subscribe their students to our e-learning course. This minimal investment can open the doors to an exciting world of knowledge that comes with an array of beneficial features.

Benefits of our R093: Creative iMedia e-Learning Course

Gamified E-Learning

Our course is built on the principles of gamified learning, which integrates the elements of games into the educational process. This approach helps to keep students motivated, engaged, and can enhance information retention.

Comprehensive Quizzes

The course includes a variety of quizzes covering all topics within the curriculum. These quizzes not only test knowledge but also reinforce learning and aid in the quick recall of information.

Student Tracking Capabilities

We understand the importance of tracking a student’s progress. Hence, our course comes with advanced student tracking capabilities, allowing teachers to monitor the progress of each student, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and provide tailored support.

In conclusion, our new animated explainer videos for OCR Creative iMedia are more than just a learning resource; they are a launchpad for a more engaging, interactive, and effective learning experience.

Couple these videos with our all-inclusive R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry e-learning course and you have the perfect toolkit for mastering the Creative iMedia landscape.

Remember, knowledge is power. So, why wait? Unleash this power by subscribing to our YouTube channel and exploring our e-learning course today! Together, let’s redefine learning and make strides in the world of Creative iMedia.

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