New Unit 3 Social Media in Business Resources

Unit 3 Social Media in Business resources have now been added to KnowItAll Ninja. Learn more about these high-quality presentations that can help upgrade your delivery of this core unit.

The mandatory unit, Social Media in Business is an important part of all versions of the BTEC Level 3 IT qualification. It is an interesting unit that does reflect the growing number of social media job roles available in the IT sector and the skills learnt in this unit are really reflective of the kind of tasks performed in such a role.

However, delivering this unit and preparing materials can be difficult with close controls over social media access in most UK schools and sixth-form colleges. is here to help though with these new Unit 3 Social Media in Business presentations. Through 18 presentations you can give your students the skills to complete their coursework assessments successfully.

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What’s in the Social Media in Business Resources

These resources are designed to cover the entirety of Unit 3 Social Media in Business, including all three learning aims:

  • Explore the impact of social media on the ways in which businesses promote their products and services
  • Develop a plan to use social media in a business to meet requirements
  • Implement the use of social media in a business.

You can see a summary of all our Unit 3 Social Media in Business presentations below, along with a free sample PDF download so you can see how useful these high-quality presentations will be to your teaching.

A summary of the contents of the Unit 3 Social Media in Business presentations.

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What other BTEC Level 3 IT Resources Are There?

If you haven’t yet seen them, also has downloadable Unit 1 Information Technology Systems worksheets, as well as downloadable Unit 14 IT Service Delivery resources. Both of these resources are a great tool for your classroom delivery of these two mandatory externally assessed BTEC Level 3 IT units.

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This makes KnowItAll Ninja a great tool for the classroom or for independent learning when studying the BTEC Level 3 IT.

There are also gamified e-learning revision courses for a variety of other subjects including the J277 OCR GCSE Computer Science qualification. This includes separate courses for:

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