New BTEC Tech Award DIT 2022 Resources

New BTEC Tech Award DIT 2022 Resources

New BTEC Tech Award DIT 2022 resources have been launched on KnowItAll Ninja that will support your classroom teaching, homework setting and progress monitoring.

Within the last week, has launched in-class teaching resources for Components 1 & 2 of the new BTEC Tech Award DIT specification for first teaching in September 2022. There 21+ lessons for each component in these two sets of resources, with each lesson containing presentations and worksheets.

The editable presentations cover the entire specification and have integrated classroom activities to keep your students engaged in their learning, with sample answers to each task. In addition, there is a worksheet for each lesson, including sample answers throughout.

These resources are comprehensive and will effectively prepare your students for their assessment activities. You can check out a sample of each of these components’ resources below.

More BTEC Tech Award DIT 2022 Resources

Yes, there is more! KnowItAll Ninja has dedicated e-learning courses that you can use to help support your delivery of the course, not just inside the classroom, but outside it too.

Students will be able to access all our e-learning materials covering all three components of the specification, including dedicated self-marking quizzes for every lesson.

As a teacher you can assign the lessons to students including setting deadlines the students must complete them by. You can also monitor their progress through the quizzes via the student tracker. You can even see what marks they got for every quiz attempt they make, what answers they submitted for every question and even graphs analysing weaknesses in the class’s answers.

Students will be able to gain experience points and achievements, level up and compete with classmates to reach the top of the leaderboard. These gamified e-learning tools help to engage students and inspire their progress.

You can check out a number of free lessons for each component on the e-learning course pages.

Becoming a Member

If your school doesn’t yet have a membership to KnowItAll Ninja’s e-learning courses then you can purchase them for as little as £1 per student for a year’s access. This will also give you an additional 25% off the Exploring User Interface Design Principles resources and Collecting, Presenting & Interpreting Data resources.

KnowItAll Ninja has over 30,000 actively subscribed members so you know that it’s a trusted service used by schools all around the country. Just check out some of the things that have been said about our other e-learning courses.

KnowItAll Ninja has engaged all of our learners at KS4 and at KS5 and they have got into the content with ease. Thank you for making this so easy for them. WE LOVE KnowItAll Ninja.

Sabeena Kauser – Joseph Leckie Academy

This learning platform is great because you can get high grades. I just recently did my Unit 1 for IT and I came out with a distinction.

Basil – Student

With the most detailed course-specific explanations you’ll find matched with high-quality supporting resources and quizzes, which allow you to easily monitor your student’s progress, I am sure you’ll see the value of’s BTEC Tech Award DIT 2022 resources.

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