New Marketing & Finance for Enterprise Revision Course

A brand new e-learning course has launched on to support students’ Marketing & Finance for Enterprise revision. This course prepares students for their Component 3 exam for the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise (2022) specification.

With the release of the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise specification for first teaching in September 2022, you’ll have noticed there have been several changes to Component 3. This is especially true for learning aim A. It’s important that we all are up-to-date with these changes so we can prepare our students properly for the exam.

Well, the new Component 3 Marketing & Finance for Enterprise revision course on is going to help teachers and students to prepare themselves completely. Covering the entirety of the component 3 specification, this course is the complete tool for getting ready for delivering this unit.

In total this BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Component 3 course has 29 lessons & quizzes which cover every topic from the official specification, including:

  • Marketing activities
    • Targeting and segmenting the market
    • 4Ps of the marketing mix
    • Factors influencing the choice of marketing methods
    • Trust, reputation and loyalty
  • Financial documents and statements
    • Financial documents
    • Payment methods
    • Revenue and costs
    • Financial statements
    • Profitability and liquidity
  • Financial planning and forecasting
    • Budgeting
    • Cash flow
    • Suggesting improvements to cash flow problems
    • Break-even point and break-even analysis

Marketing & Finance for Enterprise Revision

If you haven’t checked out this new course already, do so now. We also have e-learning courses for Component 1 and Component 2 of the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise.

In addition to this new course, teachers will benefit from all of our other fantastic features.

The group scheduler will allow you to control when students have access to the e-learning lessons. You can assign a start date when the student first gets access to each lesson and a deadline for their completion. Students will get a reminder on their dashboard of any lessons due to be completed within the next 14 days.

The student tracker will make monitoring your students’ progress easy. You can see their quiz scores for every single attempt on every single quiz. You’ll also be able to see their marks for each question and even what they answered. Finally, you’ll even have access to analytics graphs to see where your students are most struggling.

You’ll also benefit from the gamified aspects of KnowItAll Ninja, like the achievements, experience points, levelling and leaderboard, which will drive student engagement in their learning.

You can even preview the two lessons for free here:

Subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja

If you’re already subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja right now, you’ll see that you have access to this Marketing & Finance for Enterprise revision course already completely for free. You’ll also already have access to the Component 1 Exploring Enterprises and Component 2 Planning & Presenting a Micro-Enterprise Idea courses. You can assign the courses to your students in the class manager.

However, if you’re not subscribed, then why not do so now in preparation for the new year? Subscriptions cost on average just £2.50 per student for the year’s access. You can freely add and remove students so you don’t need to worry about subscribing partway through the teaching year.

KnowItAll Ninja has over 30,000 actively subscribed members so you know that it’s a trusted service used by schools all around the country. Just check out some of the things that have been said about our other e-learning courses.

KnowItAll Ninja has engaged all of our learners at KS4 and at KS5 and they have got into the content with ease. Thank you for making this so easy for them. WE LOVE KnowItAll Ninja.

Sabeena Kauser – Joseph Leckie Academy

This learning platform is great because you can get high grades. I just recently did my Unit 1 for IT and I came out with a distinction.

Basil – Student

With the most detailed course-specific explanations you’ll find matched with high quality supporting resources and quizzes, which allow you to easily monitor your student’s progress, I am sure you’ll see the value of’s BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Component 3 Marketing & Finance for Enterprise revision course.

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