New Achievements System Update

A new update has released to KnowItAll Ninja’s achievements system, inspiring engagement in students GCSE Computer Science & BTEC studies.

A key part of KnowItAll Ninja‘s success in driving student engagement in their GCSE Computer Science and BTEC IT and Computing revision is the achievements system. Students can gain awards and experience points for completing goals. This in turn allows them to level up and rise up their group leaderboard.

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This weekend a new update has been released which provides a fresh update to the achievement system. This includes the following key changes:

  • New graphics for all achievement awards.
  • Bonus points for passing the quiz on the first or second attempt.
  • Bonus points for achieving 100% in a quiz.
  • Popup displays for when new levels are achieved.

Perhaps the most important change to the achievements system are the new bonus points. The new bonus points for passing at the first or second attempt can help ensure students revise lessons fully before attempting the quiz so they achieve the most points possible.

The bonus points for gaining 100% will help inspire students to return to the quiz, even after passing, to ensure they have fully learnt all of the lesson content.

All of these changes will help ensure students are maximising their ability to achieve to the highest possible level in their OCR GCSE Computer Science J277, BTEC Level 3 IT & Computing and BTEC Tech Award DIT revision.

Of course, in order for these newly available points to work, the experience points required for reaching new levels has had to be tweaked slightly to re-balance the levelling system.

Why is the Achievements System Important?

Students love’s achievements system. The rewards for successfully completing a quiz becomes so much more when you can show off your achievement and receive acknowledgement for your success.

These achievements of course also link to the group’s leaderboard, which students get very competitive over to get the most points. Just check out the quote below from a teacher using KnowItAll Ninja in their own delivery.

Great resource – students love challenging each other to see who gets on top of the leaderboard!

The changes to the achievements system will make the leaderboard even more competitive, by ensuring the students that put the most time and effort into being successful in the quizzes will achieve the more experience points.

Subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja

If you haven’t yet subscribed your students to our gamified e-learning revision courses, we’ve got dedicated courses for:

Subscribing to these e-learning courses costs as little as £3 per student with further discounts for larger student groups. This will give you access to all of the e-learning courses, along with the achievements system, leaderboards and student tracking capabilities.

KnowItAll Ninja is the best resource to support you in preparing your students for their BTEC and GCSE Computer Science exams.

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