Our BTEC & GCSE Computer Science & IT Courses

Here you’ll find the very best GCSE Computer Science BTEC Level 3 IT, BTEC Level 3 Computing and BTEC Level 2 DIT courses to help prepare for the exams, controlled assessments and onscreen tests. Our courses provide you with access to lessons containing text, images, videos, presentations & quizzes to maximise your BTEC exam results.

Unit 2 Technology Systems

Unit 2 Technology Systems

BTEC Level 2 ICT

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The OCR GCSE Computer Science & BTEC IT & Computing Courses

Revising for your GCSE Computer Science, BTEC Level 3 IT or BTEC Level 3 Computing exam and controlled assessments can be tough. As can revising for your exams in your BTEC Tech Award DIT and Level 2 I&CT. Old fashioned revision resources like textbooks can be boring and don’t let you track your progress and see how well you are learning the subject. However, the courses you can access on this page can change this completely for you.

Using gamified e-learning techniques our courses will keep you engaged, help you track your success and improve your results in your GCSE exams and BTEC exams, controlled assessments and onscreen tests.

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