New OCR GCSE Computer Science Videos Coming

All new OCR GCSE Computer Science videos are coming to the Computer Systems e-learning revision course on

The e-learning revision course for the Computer Systems exam on the J277 OCR GCSE Computer Science course already includes fantastic resources. You have access to presentations, text explanations, interactive activities & self-marking quizzes.

However, things are about to get even better, with dedicated animated explainer videos for EVERY lesson on the course. That’s 34 dedicated explainer videos at no extra cost to our users, totally to over 2.5 hours of new OCR GCSE Computer Science videos.

These videos will be available on the site before the end of the Easter holidays, but if you would like a sneak peak, then check out these free videos on the KnowItAll Ninja YouTube channel (while you’re at it, why not subscribe).

If you like them then remember, there are another 31 videos on top of these to cover the entirety of the Computer Systems exam.

Revise with OCR GCSE Computer Science Videos

These videos will be an absolutely invaluable tool to you and your students for both in-class teaching, flipping the classroom and for the students own independent revision.

Remember, KnowItAll Ninja is also easily accessible on mobile so your students can even revise for these videos on the go (and a little heads up for the future, a dedicated KnowItAll Ninja mobile app may be soon on the way).

You may also be now wondering “But what about the Computational Thinking, Algorithms & Programming exam?”. Well do not fret! There will also be videos for every single one of these lessons arriving by the end of April. Yes, that’s another additional 39 videos all at no extra cost.

Subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja

If you haven’t subscribed to yet, but are now wondering how you too can get access to all of these new OCR GCSE Computer Science videos, then you’ll be glad to know that the cost of subscription is very low.

If you subscribe now, remember, when the videos go live in a couple weeks you and your students will automatically have access at no extra cost.

Subscribing to these e-learning courses costs as little as £3 per student with further discounts for larger student groups. This will give you access to all of the e-learning courses, along with the achievements system, leaderboards and student tracking capabilities.

KnowItAll Ninja is the best resource to support you in preparing your students for their GCSE Computer Science exams. So check it out now.

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