Fresh Animated Explainer Videos for OCR iMedia Topic Area 2: Factors Influencing Product Design

Hello there, fellow educators and students!

We’re excited to share the latest update in our YouTube video series, this time focusing on the OCR iMedia’s Unit R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry – specifically, Topic Area 2: Factors Influencing Product Design. This follows our previously successful release of explainer videos for Topic Area 1: The Media Industry, which received an overwhelming response from both teachers and students alike.

These new videos are tailor-made for students pursuing the OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia, providing in-depth, engaging, and free content covering all aspects of Topic Area 2. We know how crucial it is to make learning enjoyable and easy to understand, so we’ve packed these videos with insightful animations that bring the subject to life.

Each explainer video offers a comprehensive dive into the factors that influence product design in the media industry. From the role of audience and purpose to product features and usability, these videos leave no stone unturned. They serve as a fantastic supplement to classroom teaching, ensuring students grasp complex concepts with ease.

Check out the first of these videos below.

Making the Most with our OCR ImEdia Course

To enhance the learning experience further, we’re thrilled to offer the R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry e-learning course. This course, which includes our animated explainer videos, adds an interactive dimension to learning with its gamified features, challenging quizzes, and advanced student tracking capabilities.

For a minimal average cost of £2.70 per student, schools can subscribe their students to this e-learning course. Not only does this provide access to an expansive digital learning platform, but it also allows educators to monitor their students’ progress through the course, ensuring they stay on track with their learning objectives. This mix of autonomy and guided learning encourages students to take ownership of their education, ultimately helping them excel in their iMedia studies.

Our goal is to make the OCR iMedia curriculum more accessible and engaging than ever before. By integrating traditional teaching methods with innovative digital tools, we’re paving the way for a dynamic and future-proof learning environment.

So, whether you’re a teacher looking for effective ways to supplement your classroom teaching or a student aiming for that top grade in your OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia, our new animated explainer videos and e-learning course offer an invaluable resource.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to check out our new videos on YouTube!

Remember, learning can be fun, engaging, and interactive. Let’s embrace the new era of digital education together. Happy learning!

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