Elevate Creative iMedia revision with Our New Animated Explainer Videos!

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our innovative Creative iMedia in the Media Industry e-learning course – a series of animated explainer videos focusing on Pre-Production Planning. These new learning aids are designed to make your Creative iMedia revision journey more engaging, interactive, and effective.

The Newest Addition to Our Course

Our course now boasts eight fresh, visually captivating videos devoted exclusively to Topic Area 3: Pre-Production Planning. These videos are meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the subject matter, providing students with comprehensive insights into this critical area of Creative iMedia.

As always, our mission is to create a dynamic, enjoyable learning environment that nurtures curiosity and inspires students to delve deeper into the field. These latest animated explainer videos are embedded into the e-learning course on our educational platform, www.knowitallninja.com, and can also be found for free on our YouTube channel.

With these videos, we bring the total count to an impressive 29, with 21 others providing an in-depth exploration of Topic Area 1: The Media Industry, and Topic Area 2: Factors Influencing Product Design. And rest assured, we’re not stopping here! We are currently working on more informative videos on Topic Area 4: Distribution Considerations, so stay tuned for those updates.

An Engaging and Comprehensive Learning Experience

Our Creative iMedia e-learning course is not just about videos; it’s an amalgamation of numerous effective learning methods. We understand the importance of revisiting knowledge, so we’ve included quizzes covering all topics.

These quizzes not only offer students a way to test their knowledge but also help them identify areas of improvement, thereby enhancing the overall Creative iMedia revision experience.

What’s more, we’ve gamified the e-learning experience! Students gain achievements, level up and compete in the leaderboard to enhance student engagement in their education.

Track Progress and Monitor Success

Teachers, we’ve got you covered too. Our e-learning platform has robust tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor your students’ progress throughout the course.

These insightful metrics can help you identify students’ strengths and areas that might need some extra attention, enabling a more personalised learning journey.

Why Choose Our Creative iMedia in the Media Industry E-learning Course?

As we strive to make the Creative iMedia revision process more immersive and successful, we believe our innovative approach will benefit both schools and students alike. Our resources are not only designed to enhance the learning experience but also to equip students with the essential skills required in the media industry.

In conclusion, our e-learning course is a comprehensive package that offers engaging, interactive content with advanced monitoring tools. Schools, by investing in this course, you’re providing your students with a learning experience that’s not only educational but also enjoyable and modern.

We invite schools to invest in our Creative iMedia in the Media Industry e-learning course, and experience the transformative power of engaging and interactive digital education.

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