New Fundamentals of Computer Systems Course

If you haven’t noticed it yet, KnowItAll Ninja has a brand new Fundamentals of Computer Systems course. What better way to revise for your BTEC Level 3 Computing Unit 2 exam?

12 months ago KnowItAll Ninja released its first e-learning revision course for the BTEC Level 3 Computing specification. This helped students revise for the Unit 1 Principles of Computer Science exam, and this was a great success.

Now this new Fundamentals of Computer Systems course will give even greater value to schools subscribing to KnowItAllNinja.com.

Through 38 lessons you’ll learn about every single topic on the Unit 2 exam specification, including:

  • Hardware and software
  • Computer Architecture
  • How data is represented by computer systems
  • How data is organised on computer systems
  • How data is transmitted by computer systems
  • The use of logic and data flow in computer systems

You’ll not just get these written explanations though, remember that you’ll also get summary presentations as well as a quiz on every single topic. Check out one of these presentations below:

Unit 2 Fundamentals of Computer Systems Revision

KnowItAll Ninja’s unit 2 course is the most comprehensive revision tool that you’ll be able to find for the Fundamentals of Computer Systems exam.

In addition to the text explanations, presentations and quizzes covering all topics, you’ll also have access to the key KnowItAll Ninja features:

  • Course Progress Tracking – easily see your progress in your revision with clear marking of completed tutorials and interactive tests to check your understanding. Teachers can track their students progress through the course too.
  • Experience and Levelling Up – gain experience for successfully completing tutorials, level up and compare your level with friends.
  • Achievements for Success – receive awards for your successful completion of tests and courses to help drive your revision forward.
  • Leaderboards for Comparing Progress – easily compare your progress against your friends on leaderboards. Compete to gain the most experience.

These e-learning tools have shown to improve student engagement and help students to progress during their own self-directed revision. It’s a key part of what makes KnowItAll Ninja a great tool for schools and colleges across the country. The website is also fantastic to use on mobile so you can revise on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Also, remember, if you’ve already subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja, then you won’t even have to pay anything extra to access the course. Just log in to your existing account and you can visit the course and access it right away.

If you aren’t currently subscribed, you can still check out the first six lessons on Computer Hardware for completely free.

Get Revising For Your BTEC Level 3 Computing Course Now!

If you aren’t currently subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja, then why don’t you subscribe your students right now, ready for their approaching Unit 2 exams?

Subscribing is very affordable for schools. There is a flexible pricing structure that starts from as little as £30 for 10 students with discounts for larger numbers.

So if you want the best opportunity to succeed in your BTEC Level 3 Computing Unit 2 revision then you should be using KnowItAllNinja.com.


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