New BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 Course

On KnowItAll Ninja we have just launched a brand new BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 course that will help you deliver this unit and prepare your students for their assignments on the 2022 specification.

The Exploring User Interface Design Principles component is a unit that introduces students to the principles of good user interface design as well as project management skills. Both of these subjects are important skills that can lead to fantastic employment opportunities.

The new course on covers the entirety of the learning aims for this unit, which includes:

  • Understand interface design for individuals and organisations
    • User interfaces
    • Audience needs
    • Design principles
    • Designing an efficient user interface
  • Be able to use project planning techniques to plan, design and develop a user interface
    • Project planning techniques
    • Creating a project proposal and plan
    • Creating an initial design
    • Developing a user interface
  • Be able to review a user interface
    • Review

This new course is designed for the updated 2022 specification, but due to the similarities with the existing BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 specification, it could be of use for students studying the older course too.

Exploring User Interface Design Principles Course

As discussed, this course covers the entirety of the learning aims for the Component 1 specification. Through 21 lessons students will learn everything they need to know in order to successfully complete their assignments.

Each lesson not only includes detailed explanations but also has summary presentations, interactive activities and dedicated self-marking quizzes. The self-marking quizzes can be tracked by teachers allowing them to monitor student engagement and progress.

Thanks to recent updates to KnowItAll Ninja, teachers can even schedule lessons and assign deadlines, so all your homeworks can be managed through KnowItAll Ninja and students will never have an excuse to miss a deadline.

You can check out the first five lessons completely for free:

Accessing The BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 Course

You probably are excited to get started and want to know how much this new course will cost. Well, if you are currently subscribed to then you’ll have access to the full course now completely for free. You’ll only need to pay anything if you need to add additional students to your subscription.

If you’re not subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja, well subscriptions cost on average just £2.50 per student for the year’s access. You can freely add and remove students so you don’t need to worry about subscribing partway through the teaching year.

More than 30,000 students are using KnowItAll Ninja all around the country, studying a variety of subjects such as GCSE Computer Science and BTEC Tech Award Digital Information Technology. Here are some of the comments that have been made:

Know It All Ninja has engaged all of our learners at KS4 and at KS5 and they have got into the content with ease. Thank you for making this so easy for them. WE LOVE Know It All Ninja.

Sabeena Kauser – Joseph Leckie Academy

This app is amazing! I feel like I can learn so much more and compete with my friends to get more points!

Jack – Student

The sheer depth and range of interactive multimedia content, gamified e-learning features and easy teacher tracking makes KnowItAll Ninja a joy to use and an invaluable tool that you just won’t find elsewhere.

So if you want the best opportunity for your students to succeed in their BTEC Tech Award DIT Component 1 course then you should be using

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