World Wide Web Videos Added

This week we’ve added two new World Wide Web videos to KnowItAll Ninja to help you study for your BTEC Level 2 ICT online tests.

These new videos cover every topic from the Unit 1 The Online World unit in the World Wide Web section of the specification.

With these fantastic videos you’ll learn about:

  • How the web is structured and the difference between hyperlinks and hotspots.
  • The different parts of a URL as well as the benefits of HTTP over FTP when working with web pages.
  • What search engines, search engines indexes and web crawlers are and how they help us find information online.
  • What HTML is and how to recognise a variety of HTML tags.
  • The role of the web server and web browser in the world wide web.

This means you’ll have a strong and comprehensive knowledge of this section if it comes up in your BTEC Online World online test.

You can see one of these great new videos below.

You can also check out both videos in the matching lessons on the Unit 1 The Online World course.

New World Wide Web Videos

World Wide Web Videos

These new videos add to the wide range of videos covering the BTEC Level 2 ICT specification that are already available on KnowItAll Ninja.

We’ll be continuing to add more videos every week so that you’ll find a dedicated explainer video for every lesson on Unit 1 The Online World and Unit 2 Technology Systems.

This means KnowItAll Ninja really is the very best place to prepare for your BTEC First in ICT online tests, giving you the complete multi-media experience to your revision.

The videos will be arriving very regularly so keep a close eye on BlogItAll Ninja and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you want to know about all of the latest developments in our BTEC First ICT revision courses.

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