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Did you know that 1.2 million UK students log into revision websites every week?

As someone who has been teaching and managing in BTEC ICT and Computing education for the past decade I have seen a lot change.

Students are becoming more computer savvy than ever before as the world embraces the technology that is spreading into every aspect of our lives.

All of this technology has opened up a new world of methods of education and e-learning has become a huge thing. Websites like Treehouse, Udemy & Codecademy have made learning a more interactive, multi-media & individual experience, allowing students to learn how they want and when they want.

E-Learning in Schools for BTEC ICT Level 2

Unfortunately more often than not this new world of education has rarely been tailored directly to the courses students study in UK classrooms and so, as soon as students leave the classroom and start trying to study independently we are still relying on tired old textbooks which provide little in motivation or a well rounded learning experience.

With KnowItall Ninja I want to use my experience as a teacher and manager of BTEC ICT and Computing, as well as my experience of writing official course textbooks for Pearson Education on their BTEC ICT Level 2 and 3 resources and text books, to help provide a truly modern service for helping learners study on their Computing and ICT courses.

Along with the main site I will be running this blog to keep you up-t0-date with the latest developments in KnowItAll Ninja and BTEC ICT Level 2 and 3 education news, and also to provide additional free tutorials on a variety of useful topics. These tutorials will come out a few times per month and I hope will be a great extra tool in studying Computing & ICT.

If you want to let me know what you think about the site or if you think that the site would benefit from additional features or courses that I have not yet covered then please send me a message either through the comments on this page or even better through the contact form that can be accessed via the site footer.

KnowItAll Ninja is still just a small site at the moment, covering the BTEC Information and Creative Technology Level 2 onscreen tests in Unit 1 The Online World and Unit 2 Technology Systems.

However, the number of courses and variety of resources will grow constantly and I hope that it is a site that you will find of great benefit to you either as a student or as a teacher on BTEC Information and Creative Technology.



Access our e-learning revision courses for as little as £1.50 per student.

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