New Online Advertising Video

A brand new video for the online advertising lesson of Unit 1 The Online World has been added to KnowItAll Ninja.

This is a great new tool in your revision for your BTEC ICT Level 2 online tests, especially building on the recently added online services videos.

This is ensuring KnowItAll Ninja gives the very best multi-sensory revision experience for the BTEC ICT level 2 unit1 The Online World so that you can achieve the best grade possible.

Check out the brand new video below, as well as in the Online Advertising lesson:

This Unit 1 Online World video includes captions so that you can make the most of this fantastic BTEC First ICT revision tool even without access to headphones or speakers.

Online Advertising Revision Videos

Online AdvertisingThese videos can be found in the Online Advertising lesson in the Unit 1 The Online World revision course.

You can expect brand new videos being added to KnowItAll Ninja regularly with every lesson having its own dedicated video by next teaching in September.

That includes for the Unit 2 Technology Systems unit, so you can make the very most of your revision for all of your BTEC ICT Level 2 online tests.

The videos will be arriving very regularly so keep a close eye on BlogItAll Ninja and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you want to know about all of the latest developments in our BTEC First ICT revision courses.

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