New BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Course

The new BTEC Tech Award Enterprise specification is due for first delivery in September and KnowItAll Ninja has already launched its first e-learning course covering Component 1 Exploring Enterprises.

For those preparing to deliver the BTEC Tech Award Enterprise 2022 specification, it is likely you’ll be starting out by delivering the Component 1 Exploring Enterprises unit. You can engage your students in their learning, monitor their progress and prepare them for their assessments easier than ever with our new Exploring Enterprises e-learning course.

KnowItAll Ninja‘s e-learning revision course covers the entire specification for Component 1, including:

  • Learning outcome A: Understand how and why enterprises and entrepreneurs are successful
    • Size and features of SMEs
    • Sectors and business models in which enterprises operate
    • Aims and activities of enterprises
    • Skills and characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • Learning outcome B: Understand customer needs and competitor behaviour through market research
    • Market research methods
    • Understanding customer needs
    • Understanding competitor behaviour
    • Suitability of market research methods
  • Learning outcome C: Understand how the outcomes of situational analyses may affect enterprises
    • PEST (Political, Economic, Social, Technological) analysis
    • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis

Through 19 e-learning lessons, your students will access detailed explanations, summary presentations and quizzes for every single topic.

BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Course

There are many benefits to KnowItAll Ninja other than the high-quality lessons, presentations and quizzes. In addition, you’ll be able to access all of the teacher management tools to effectively manage and monitor your student’s learning.

For example, the class scheduler will allow you to set access and completion dates for every single lesson. You can then track their progress via the student tracker where you can see every single quiz attempt the students make, even down to the answers they submitted to each question. You can even export this data for your own analysis purposes.

You can check out the first two lessons completely for free and don’t even need to sign up.

Subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja

If you’re already subscribed to KnowItAll Ninja right now, you’ll see that you have access to this new course already completely for free. You can assign the course to your students in the class manager.

However, if you’re not subscribed, then why not do so now in preparation for the new year? Subscriptions cost on average just £2.50 per student for the year’s access. You can freely add and remove students so you don’t need to worry about subscribing partway through the teaching year.

KnowItAll Ninja has over 30,000 actively subscribed members so you know that it’s a trusted service used by schools all around the country. Just check out some of the things that have been said about our other e-learning courses.

I just wanted to thank you for the resources you have created. They are excellent quality and have saved me so much time which I am sure you can appreciate is very precious.

Melissa Parker – Broadway Academy

I would just like to say how much of a helpful tool KnowItAll Ninja has been to me and my class. We have completed the entire syllabus and it has helped us to achieve our target grades.

William – Student

With the most detailed course-specific explanations you’ll find matched with high quality supporting resources and quizzes, which allow you to easily monitor your student’s progress, I am sure you’ll see the value of’s BTEC Tech Award Enterprise course.

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