Changes to KnowItAll Ninja Membership

Over the Easter holidays KnowItAll Ninja has implemented a new membership system. How will this affect you and how you use KnowItAll Ninja?

For five years KnowItAll Ninja has run with the same membership system and pricing model. There were 5 memberships with fixed numbers of students and this gave access to all courses. During the early days of KnowItAll Ninja this worked well, though there were some issues.

As customers, you often had to pay for more access than you required, for example, paying for 50 students’ access when you only needed 26 students. As the site has grown more courses have been added but the same flat rate was being charged which needed to be addressed for the long-term future of the website.

It was time for things to change in order to provide a fairer and more equitable service.

KnowItAll Ninja now has a new membership system where schools and colleges can purchase student groups for either 1, 2 or 3 years access. Schools can choose the exact number of students in the group and what courses the group need to access. Pricing is based on both of these factors and therefore more fairly reflects usage.

If your students only use one course, then the price you pay each year will likely not change and could be smaller (especially if you take advantage of the multi-year discounts). Those schools where students use multiple courses may pay more, but there are discounts for additional courses (and of course discounts for the number of students).

You can even break your groups into subgroups to make the most of the discounts and you can also purchase multiple separate membership groups to ensure you only pay for the courses each set of students require.

This ensures the fairest pricing for schools and ensures that you only pay for what you use.

Want to know more? Please take a look at the new purchase flow interface.

Purchasing a KnowItAll Ninja Membership

When you visit the KnowItAll Ninja subscription page you’ll now see three new options, the one, two and three-year memberships.

Once you’ve chosen the number of years you want to purchase a membership for, you’ll be taken to the customised group builder. This looks like what you see below.

The membership purchase screen

Here you can add the courses you require for the group. For example, I’m going to create a group for my OCR GCSE Computer Science students, so I’ll select the Computer Systems and Computational Thinking, Algorithms & Programming courses.

Now, beneath the list of courses you can give the group a title and select the number of “seats”, or users, you require in the group. You’ll see the total price (excluding VAT) next to this.

Press add to basket and you’ll have a popup confirming this and you can either view the basket and complete checkout, or you can create a second group for a different set of students, such as your BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise students.

You can then complete payment using the same methods you’ve used previously on KnowItAll Ninja (though with added Apple Pay and Google Pay where appropriate).

That’s the purchase flow but does this change anything else about the site?

Changes to the Class manager

There are some small changes to the class manager. Now, instead of lots of individual classes and your membership being hidden in a different section, everything is right there for you.

You’ll see listed each group membership that you have purchased, along with any classes you’ve created in under that membership. You’ll also see your membership expiry date.

The class manager overview

If you select the name of one of your classes you’ll get to the exact same class manager interface you’re used to. However, if you click on the edit button next to your group membership name though, you’ll be taken to a membership admin screen where you can:

  • Add additional seats to the group if you discover you didn’t purchase enough.
  • Add a new class (there is no limit on the number of classes in a group membership).
  • View the admin class for your membership (this lists all users in any of your classes within the membership).
The group membership admin screen

Wrapping Things Up

Really, that is all the major changes to how KnowItAll Ninja works and your students should have no change to their experience at all. However, if you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me and I am always more than happy to help.

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