BTEC DIT Component 3 Videos

The BTEC DIT Component 3 Effective Digital Working Practices course on has just become even better.

Today four brand new explainer videos have been added to this course to help your students study this unit on the BTEC Level 2 Tech Award qualification.

These first four videos cover the following topics from the BTEC Level 2 Digital Information Technology Component 3 specification:

  • Communication Technologies
  • Changes to Modern Teams
  • Why Systems are Attacked
  • User Access Restrictions

I am certain you will find these of great use, but these videos won’t just stop there. Over the next three months new videos will be regularly added until all 27 lessons on the Component 3 Effective Digital Working Practices course has it’s own dedicated explainer videos.

What are these videos like? If you have subscribed to KnowItAllNinja already you and your students can access all four of the videos already at no extra cost. Indeed all 27 videos will be available at no extra cost to subscribers.

If you haven’t subscribed to yet, you can still check out the first video by going to the free Communication Technologies lesson. You could also sign up to a free trial and check out all four of the videos right now.

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BTEC DIT Component 3 Revision

The free trial won’t just give you access to these four videos. You’ll be able to check out every lesson for the BTEC DIT Component 3 course on KnowItAll Ninja. This includes all presentations and quizzes for each lesson.

In fact, you’ll also be able to access the 6 other e-learning courses, covering things like the BTEC Level 3 Computing Unit 1, BTEC Level 3 Information Technology Unit 1, 2 & 11, and BTEC Level 2 ICT Unit 1 & 2.

Finally, this free trial will allow you to experience much of the fantastic extra features KnowItAll Ninja will offer you and your students, like:

  • The student tracker for monitoring student progress.
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You may also want to check out the editable in-class resources for BTEC DIT Component 1 & 2. These include presentations and worksheets covering the entirety of these two units and are available at a fantastic price.

Getting Started with the Component 3 Revision Course

If you want to get started right away with the e-learning course for Component 3 Digital Working Practices, then you can, of course, subscribe right now. Remember, each subscription doesn’t just give you access to the BTEC DIT Component 3 course, but all e-learning courses on KnowItAll Ninja.

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