BTEC DIT Component 3 Resources

Studying for your BTEC DIT Component 3 Effective Digital Working Practices exam has become even easier with KnowItAll Ninja.

Today I have added six new videos to the Effective Digital Working Practices course on This provides coverage of the following sections of the BTEC Tech Award Digital Information Technology specification:

  • External threats to digital systems and data security
  • Data level protection
  • Defining responsibilities and security parameters
  • Disaster recovery policy
  • Actions to take after an attack
  • Environmental considerations
  • Be able to present knowledge and understanding of the use of data flow diagrams.

These BTEC DIT Component 3 resources will make a massive difference in your delivery of this unit and really help your students prepare for your exams.

You can check out one of these great new videos below:

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More BTEC DIT Component 3 Resources

With a subscription to KnowItAll Ninja, you’ll have access to all the videos on the course. Currently, 16 of the lessons have dedicated explainer videos, but soon you’ll find all 27 lessons will have their own explainer video.

In addition to these videos, you’ll find that every single lesson has its own presentation, clear text explanations & interactive quiz. Your students will also have the gamified e-learning features, such as gaining experience, levelling up and achieving awards.

You’ll also be able to track your students progress throughout this course with the student tracker. So you’ll know exactly how your students are progressing through the course.

Subscribing to KnowItAll Ninja

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