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Your school can subscribe for total access to the site for just £2 per student per year. So a class of 25 students will cost as little as £50.

To subscribe you just need to fill in our online subscription form and we'll contact you for your student login details.

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This means you will have total access to:

  • Lessons covering all topics from Unit 1 Information Technology Systems, Unit 1 The Online World & Unit 2 Technology Systems.
  • Quizzes on each lesson to assess progress and understanding.
  • Explainer videos covering a wide range of topics from both units.
  • Integrated gamified learning principles with badges, experience points & leaderboards to reward success.
  • Teacher access to the student tracker system to allow you to monitor students usage and progress.


KnowItAll Ninja's gamified elearning is popular with students and teachers alike. Thousands of students spread across hundreds of schools in the UK have used the site, with new schools adding themselves all the time.

Here are a couple of the great things that have been said about

Students love the instant feedback and the quizzes are the launch pad for many an in-depth discussion of the topics - great coverage of the syllabus too!

- Dave Fountain - Astor College

Congratulations on an excellent and valuable resource. As an ICT/Computing teacher for both level 3 and level 2 courses, this website has delivered exactly what is needed (and is desperately missing) from the examination board's support services.

- Philip Golding - Bexhill 6th Form College

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If you subscribe to KnowItAll Ninja but decide that the service is not for you, then you can cancel your account and request a full no-penalty refund at any time within the first 7-days.

Subscribe to our BTEC Level 2 ICT & BTEC Level 3 IT Resources

A subscription to KnowItAll Ninja will provide you with complete access to our BTEC Level 3 IT resources covering Unit 1 Information Technology Systems and BTEC Level 2 ICT resources covering Unit 1 The Online World and Unit 2 Technology Systems.

This means you will be able to access all of the following fantastic BTEC Level 2 ICT & BTEC Level 3 IT resources:

  • Multi-media lessons, combining text, image & video to provide total coverage of the BTEC IT Level 3 specification in Unit 1 Information Technology Systems and BTEC ICT Level 2 specification in Unit 1 The Online World and Unit 2 Technology Systems.
  • Individual presentations for each lesson to help give a short summary of the lesson content for fast revision reminders supporting your BTEC IT exams BTEC ICT online tests.
  • Quizzes on each lesson, combining multiple choice, true/false and short answer gap fill questions to cover all topics in Information Technology Systems, The Online World and Technology Systems.
  • Gamified learning principles, such as experience points, leveling, awards and leaderboards, that have been shown to improve student engagement in their learning and revision.
  • Teacher access to our student tracking system that will allow teachers to track students progress across BTEC IT Level 2 Unit 1 and both units on the BTEC Level 2 ICT course.
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