Complete Unit 1 The Online World Videos

There are now Unit 1 The Online World videos covering every lesson in the course.

Over the last few months new videos have been added regularly and now KnowItAll Ninja is clearly the best place to revise for the BTEC Level 2 ICT online exams.

The final three videos to be added completely cover the final learning aim for The Online World, teaching you about:

  • The threats to IT systems that use the online world.
  • The protection mechanisms to prevent these threats from impacting you.
  • The role of backup and recovery.
  • What e-reputation is and how it impacts on you.
  • The legislation that controls how personal data can be used.

So now when studying the Edexcel BTEC First ICT specification you need look no further than right here on

You can check out one of our great new videos below:

You check out the other new videos in their respective lessons in the Unit 1 The Online World course.

More Unit 1 The Online World Videos

These Unit 1 The Online World videos are just the start. New videos for Unit 2 Technology Systems are in development and a new course for the new BTEC Level 3 ICT specification is in the works.

The videos and new courses will be arriving very regularly so keep a close eye on BlogItAll Ninja and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Google+ if you want to know about all of the latest developments in our BTEC Level 2 Information & Creative Technology revision courses.

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