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With this purchase, you will all of the teaching resources as well as the assignment resources from our Unit 9 Teaching Resources and Unit 9 Assignment Resources products. Rather than purchasing each product individually, purchase them together at a reduced cost. This means you will have a comprehensive set of resources that will cover every aspect of delivering this unit to your students.

If you haven’t checked out these resources, developed in partnership with thecomputingtutor.com, individually, they include 16 presentations and accompanying worksheets that cover the entirety of the Unit 9 IT Project Management content on the BTEC Level 3 IT course. Additionally, you will receive presentations that will help guide your students through their Unit 9 IT Project Management assignments.

If you’re delivering Unit 9 IT Project Management, these resources will be a fantastic tool in supporting your delivery and helping your students to succeed.

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What’s Included?

These resources are designed to cover the entirety of Unit 9 IT Project Management, including all four learning aims:

  • Investigate the principles and methodologies of IT project management as used in industry
  • Carry out a project initiation for an IT project
  • Carry out the planning, execution, monitoring and controlling of an IT project, using an appropriate methodology
  • Undertake the closure of a project by reflecting on the success of personal performance and the project outcome

You can see a summary of all our Unit 9 IT Project Management resources below, along with a free sample PDF download so you can see how useful these high-quality resources will be to your teaching.

Unit 9 IT Project Management Resource Contents

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The assignment resources are designed to cover the entirety of Unit 9 IT Project Management coursework assessments and includes:

  • A full set of Student Guide Learning Resources for Learning Aims A, B, C and D.
  • A Teacher presentation showing your students how to approach each of the Learning Aims.
  • An editable PowerPoint for each Student Guide.
  • Separate Student Guides for Pass, Merit and Distinction criteria.
  • Links to case studies for the RAD, Prince2, Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Also included are a set of teacher notes which include:

  • Suggestions and ideas on Unit delivery.
  • Ideas for the practical unit as well as alternate solutions.
  • Suggestions for accessing the Merit and Distinction criteria.
  • A map of the documentation produced by other units that can be reused in Unit 9, to minimise duplication

Each Student Guide covers all the marking requirements for Pass criteria for Learning Aims A, B, C and D as well as showing extensive opportunities for where to include Merit and Distinction criteria evidence.

You can see a summary of all our Unit 9 IT Project Management assignment resources below.

Unit 9 IT Project Management Assignment Resource

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