AQA GCSE Computer Science

AQA GCSE Computer Science

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Introducing our subscription to two comprehensive e-learning courses designed specifically for the AQA GCSE Computer Science course specification.

This subscription grants you access to our two courses, which cover the Computing Concepts exam and the Computational Thinking & Programming Skills exam.

This app is amazing! I feel like I can learn so much more and compete with my friends to get more points!
Jack (Student)

Our Computing Concepts course is a thorough and accessible guide to the theoretical underpinnings of computer science. Covering topics like binary arithmetic, logic gates, and data storage, this course will give you a deep understanding of how computers work at the most fundamental level. Our interactive learning materials, including quizzes and activities, will help you stay engaged and test your knowledge as you progress in your AQA GCSE Computer Science qualification.

Our Computational Thinking & Programming Skills course is designed to teach you the key concepts and skills you’ll need to excel in the practical aspects of computer science. You’ll learn how to think algorithmically, design and write code, and debug and test programs. With a focus on Python, one of the most popular programming languages in use today, you’ll gain hands-on experience that will serve you well both in the classroom and beyond.

Both courses are fully aligned with the AQA GCSE Computer Science course specification, ensuring that you’ll be well-prepared for your exams. And with our subscription model, you’ll have access to all the course materials you need for the duration of your subscription period. That means you can study at your own pace, revisit difficult topics, and review course materials as often as you need to.

Whether you’re a student preparing for your AQA GCSE Computer Science exams, a teacher looking to supplement your classroom instruction, or simply someone interested in deepening your understanding of computer science, our e-learning courses are the perfect way to achieve your goals. So sign up today and start your journey towards mastering Computing Concepts and Computational Thinking & Programming Skills!

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