Online Documents Videos and More

You can now see the two brand new online documents videos as well as a new video for the uses of online communication in the Unit 1 The Online World course on KnowItAll Ninja.

If you’re looking to kick your revision for your BTEC Level 2 ICT online tests onto the next level then these videos will be a great tool for you.

These new online documents videos and uses of online communication video add to the previous videos already added to Unit 1 The Online World to ensure you are getting the best multi-sensory revision experience.

This will help to ensure you get the best grade you can possibly achieve for your BTEC ICT Level 2 studies.

You can check out one of these great new videos below, as well as in the tutorial pages on the Online World course.

You can check out more videos by going to the Unit 1 The Online World course right now.

More Than Just Online Documents Videos

These fantastic new videos for the BTEC Level 2 ICT course are just the start though.

Online Documents Videos

Over the coming months, leading up to the new academic year in September, you will see brand new videos added to every lesson on KnowItAll Ninja.

That doesn’t just mean Unit 1 The Online World, but also for Unit 2 Technology Systems.

So you can rest assured that KnowItAll Ninja is the best place for you to study for the BTEC ICT Level 2 online tests.

The videos will be arriving very regularly so keep a close eye on BlogItAll Ninja and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ if you want to know about all of the latest developments in our BTEC First ICT revision courses.

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