New BTEC Level 3 IT Course

If you’re preparing for teaching Unit 1 Information Technology Systems on the new BTEC Level 3 IT, then we’ve got great news for you.

That’s because, on KnowItAll Ninja, we’ve added a brand new course that teaches the entirety of the BTEC Level 3 IT Unit 1 Information Technology Systems unit. This is obviously the examined unit from the new BTEC National specification that will be first examined on the 8th June 2017.

The KnowItAll Ninja course consists of 42 individual lessons covering the entire unit specification. All materials were produced by an experienced author of official BTEC course text books and who actually wrote the official revision guide and workbook for Unit 1 Information Technology Systems.

With KnowItAll Ninja you will receive detailed explanations of the lesson topic, summary presentations for the lesson and short interactive quizzes for assessing understanding. There will also be summary videos added for each lesson in future to truly offer a multi-sensory learning experience.

Additionally as always our courses offer:

  • Course Progress Tracking – easily see your progress in your revision with clear marking of completed tutorials and interactive tests to check your understanding. Teachers can track their students progress through the course too.
  • Experience and Levelling Up – gain experience for successfully completing tutorials, level up and compare your level with friends.
  • Achievements for Success – receive awards for your successful completion of tests and courses to help drive your revision forward.
  • Leaderboards for Comparing Progress – easily compare your progress against your friends on leaderboards. Compete to gain the most experience.

These types of gamified e-learning tools have shown to significantly improve student engagement and progress in their self-directed learning time. This makes it a fantastic tool in every teachers arsenal for ensuring their students get the best grade possible.

Unit 1 Information Technology Systems

As you know, the Unit 1 Information Technology Systems unit of the new BTEC IT Level 3 is the formally examined unit of the course. It involves a 90 mark, 2 hour long written examination that makes up 1/3 of your students final grade on the BTEC Level 3 IT Extended Certificate.

Unit 1 Information Technology SystemsThis makes it the most vital unit to ensure students achieve the best BTEC Information Technology grade possible. Especially with examinations being such a new aspect of BTECs that is causing many teachers a lot of concern.

Thankfully KnowItAll Ninja provides total coverage of this unit with a variety of learning resources, great assessments and the ability for both students to track their own progress and teachers to track their students progress.

This can be used for a brilliant in class tool, to use a flipped learning style of delivery, or as a great revision tool in the lead up to the Unit 1 Information Technology Systems exam.

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Remember, KnowItAll Ninja was written by an author for the official BTEC Level 3 IT revision guide and workbook for Unit 1 Information Technology Systems.  as well as the BTEC First ICT textbooks and teaching resources.

He’s also worked on many other official BTEC ICT publications and is currently contributing to the textbooks for the new BTEC Tech Awards qualification. This means you can trust that our content is of the highest quality.

The website is also fantastic to use on mobile so you can revise on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Subscribing is very affordable for schools at just £2 per student for a years access and have been produced by an author of the official BTEC Level 2 ICT resources and text book.

So if you want the best opportunity to succeed in your BTEC Level 3 IT revision then you should be using

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