New Animated Explainer Videos for Creative iMedia Revision!

Great news for all those diving deep into the world of Creative iMedia revision. Following the successful release of animated explainer videos for Topic Areas 1-3, I’m excited to announce the launch of brand-new videos covering all of Topic Area 4 – Distribution Considerations from Unit R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry, as part of the OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia syllabus.

Deep Dive into Distribution Considerations

Distribution considerations play a pivotal role in the media industry. Understanding this topic in-depth can give learners an edge when navigating the intricacies of media distribution. These new videos break down the complexities, providing clear, concise, and engaging explanations tailored specifically for Creative iMedia revision.

Available now on YouTube, these videos are not just for visual learners. They are carefully designed, fact-checked, and aligned with the OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia curriculum. This ensures that students are not only engaged but also absorbing accurate and essential information that will be invaluable for their exams.

Why Stop at Videos? Discover the Full E-learning Course

While these videos are a fantastic resource on their own, they are also a part of the R093: Creative iMedia in the media industry e-learning course that I offer on A comprehensive learning package designed to provide a holistic learning experience, this course goes beyond videos.

With a small investment, starting at £2.97 per student for an entire year’s access, schools can offer their students a gamified e-learning experience that is both educational and fun. The course includes:

  1. Gamified E-learning Features: Engage students in a unique way, ensuring they remain interested and motivated.
  2. Quizzes Covering All Topics: Test knowledge, reinforce learning, and prepare students for their exams.
  3. Student Tracking Capabilities: Allow teachers and educators to monitor student progress, identifying areas of strength and those that might need a bit more attention.

Given the digital landscape of today’s learning environment, having such a tool is invaluable for educators, ensuring their students are not only consuming the content but truly understanding and mastering it.


The world of Creative iMedia is vast, intricate, and constantly evolving. As educators and learners, having the right resources can make all the difference. Whether you’re a student seeking resources for your Creative iMedia revision, or an educator looking to equip your students with the best tools, these animated explainer videos and the comprehensive e-learning course are sure to be invaluable assets.

Dive in now, explore the world of distribution considerations, and equip yourself for success in the OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia exam. And as always, stay curious and keep learning!

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