Free Unit 8 & Unit 14 Computer Games Development Resources

New presentations and worksheets for learning aim A of Unit 8 / Unit 14 Computer Games Development are now available right here.

Computer Games Development is a popular unit for both the BTEC Level 3 IT and BTEC Level 3 Computing specifications. However, there aren’t too many resources available for its delivery. Particularly the early theory in learning aim A.

Well, I’ve put together 7 presentations and worksheets to help with your classroom delivery of LA-A. The presentations will be a great tool for front of class delivery. The worksheets will be great for either in class activities or as homework.

Thankfully Unit 8 of the BTEC Level 3 IT specification and Unit 14 of the BTEC Level 3 Computing specification are identical. This means these will help you regardless which of these two courses you are running.

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Download BTEC Computer Games Development Resources

If you want to download these free resources you can do so by clicking on the download button below. These are free for you to use and share with your students by uploading them to your schools VLE.

The documents are completely editable so you can customise them to your heart’s delight. However please, if you share them with teachers at other schools, do share the versions with the KnowItAll Ninja branding and let them know about this site.

Download Now

If you like these resources and want some more, don’t worry there are plenty more on the way, both for the Computer Games Development unit and many others. There’s a new classroom resources section of the site in development which will have free and low-cost resources for your classroom. Keep an eye out for it.

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